Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sidecar Sunday

thanks, Rolf



pzak said...

Is that a cooling fan blowing on the engine? Or just a guard to protect sidecar passengers from the hot engine?

Billy Oleary said...

It seems to be a guard over the exhaust pipes.Great picture,thanks.

rats said...

1. Are those dual handlebars, redundancy for safety's sake?
2. And dual bulbhorns, for ordinary vs. dire warnings.
3. A hat like that one is a guarantee of respect from other motorists. I must have one!

3a. That's a swell image! Thanks, as always, Mr. G.

Mister G said...

The heat guard would have been common sense with a wicker sidecar, The double handlebar might be for that unsmiling girl in the sidecar to assist the yound man with the short arms. Double horns, luxury!