Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Sawing logs

Here’s a nice 16 foot red oak log dressed out to 12" x12” before being reduced to more useful sizes. The log became available when a tree died, I don't have any particular plans for the wood but didn't want it to go to waste as firewood. The saw is a mid-eighties locally built bandsaw mill powered by a 10 hp Honda motor, generally starts first or second pull.

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Graysailor said...

Check out my brother in laws homemade one that he built. At first it used a toyota truck motor (the old truck got crushed by a tree while parked in the field). Nice looking red oak you have. We have LOTS of pine, sycamore, red and white oak, small cedar, cherry, and elm. I've not found any ash on our 100 acres sadly. No mahogany or walnut either. Actually we have a LOT of oak - black, red and white, post, etc.