Monday, April 5, 2021

Steamer Macassa

Looking online, apparently a popular subject of postcards, the boat was built in 1888 by William Hamilton & Co., of Port Glasgow Scotland and sold to Hamilton Steamboat Co of Ontario.

1905 lengthened from 154 to 178 ft. 

1911 Niagara Navigation Co Ltd, Hamilton Ont

1912 Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co Ltd, Hamilton Ont

1913 Canada Steamship Lines Ltd, Hamilton Ont

1927 Owen Sound Transportation Co Ltd, Owen Sound Ont and rebuilt as MANASOO

 15/09/1928 foundered off Griffith Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario on passage from West Bay for Owen Sound with cattle. 16 lives lost. Capsized when her cargo of 116 cattle apparently shifted to one side, overbalancing her.

 I suspect that was 16 human lives and all the cows.


rats said...

Mr. G et al., what are the diagonally disposed lines (bundles of cables or something?) on the ship's flank? And furthermore of course, what's their purpose?


VectorWarbirds said...

I believe those are docking fenders. If you enlarge the picture on this site it shows them being used.

rats said...

Oh I get it. Thank you.