Tuesday, June 15, 2021

1960 Cadillac station wagon

 Cadillac did not make station wagons, this one is by coachbuilders Hess and Eisenhardt, one of the premier American coachbuilders. The company's bread and butter were airport limousines but they also made presidential cars and the occasional thing like this.

A different one.


Anonymous said...

Weren't most of these built as hearses?




I had no idea there was a website called 'Hearse For Sale'

Mister G said...

Me neither! I remember a lot of cadillac hearses though the article I found did not mention hearses at all! But there is one for sale. Interesting.

rats said...

The two Detroit-area (Thoroughbred horse) racetracks had Cadillac ambuli in the '60s. (Or maybe they shared a single ambulance service and lone Cadillac, since if I recall correctly the tracks -- Hazel Park and Detroit Race Course [DRC] -- were never open at the same time.)

No: Each had a Cadillac -- DRC's was painted green and white, the track's colors, perhaps so it wouldn't be mistaken for a hearse. Hazel Park, they probably didn't care; a few squashed jockeys were all in a day's work.

Glad I could contribute such interesting and important stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rats,

Thanks muchly - I didn't know the plural of ambulance.


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