Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Filko ignition wrenches

These “FILKO” branded set of tools probably date to the 1950s. The company was a brand name of ignition parts, they made ignition components; points sets, condensers, rotors, distributor caps and such. The name is now owned by Standard Motor Products.
 Thanks, Ski!


rats said...

What's the right-angled contraption that looks like a shinglemaker's axe?

Joe said...

I was going to ask the same question and postulate that it's function is to provide a second handhold on the other tools.
I noticed this set is unusual compared to the common sets of "Ignition Wrenches" we all own in that it appears to be a set of tools strictly for bending contact point arms and brackets on non adjustable point sets. Perhaps the "L" shaped wrench is to hold a point arm while bending with another of the tools.

Mister G said...

When I did the post I looked at the ends and assumed small nuts but it appears it is a comprehensive tool kit to bend the point sets. I find it surprising that manufacturing toelerances are that bad!