Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sidecar Imp Sunday

Sidecar sprinter, powered by a Hillman Imp engine...


rats said...

Thanks, Mr G. Real nice picture. I spose that if you had information about it, such as the year, rider, venue, engine/frame builder, and so forth, you probably would have shared that. ... ?

In case any other fellow P.i.F. readers are as ignorant as I am (kind of unlikely) -- and in case those readers' Google machines are broken -- the site below says lots of interesting things about the Imp engine. Nice design, weighs about as much as an Old Triumph twin engine (if you subtract the transmission weight).

I recently saw a Norton-engined Imp two-wheeler -- now that is rare, at least in my own experience.A retired grasstracker done up as a street bike.

rats said...

Dang it! --