Monday, June 28, 2021

Prototype Boss Hoss?

Of course, someone saw this and that sitting in a garage and though, I bet I could... Once you've managed to fit a flathead V8 in a motorcycle in a stylish way, what more would you want to do?

 Ok, a Lincoln V12 might be a good challenge...

thanks, Glenn!



rats said...

Somebody needs a good beating.

Anonymous said...

...beating... c'mon man, that's harsh.

I think they've got a steampunk neo-restomod* thing going on.

The V8 is clearly the sports model, and the V12 is the tourer, what with the full fender, bags, windscreen and so on.


*neo-restomod = something that should have been made much earlier, and given a restomod. If 'neo-restomod' hasn't been used before, I'm claiming it.