Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Suspension, 1923 Beardmore Precision

Another of the random posts of unusual suspensions systems.  On any bike of the time, suspension on the rear was uncommon, and this inventive use of a leaf spring "monoshock" is interesting.

Leaf springs weren't unknown in front suspension at that time though this front end is unusual. I'm not clear how it works, I think the main fork to the axle pivots at the steering head, as do the connecting links to the leaf spring, seems like it might be a little flimsy.



rats said...

Flimsy front suspension, yes, and scant. Jeeze. I can't quite tell how it works either.

But behold the beautiful stacked thumb-levers and their housing on the hanglebars. Throttle, mixture, and advance?

Anonymous said...

I *think* the whole thing would collapse if it wasn't for that link in front of the steering head, which seems to be what anchors the leaf spring. If so, it is taking a heck of a lot of load.


Mister G said...

Or just a broken leaf spring. I guess this is why we don't see this arrangement anymore.