Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Williams fishing lures

Made by Williams Gold Refining of Fort Erie Ontario. 
The story is that the Williams boys of Goldenville, Nova Scotia joined the Yukon Gold Rush. After an apparently successful venture the boys split up, one started a gold refinery business to supply dentists in Kansas City, the other set up his own branch in Fort Erie, Ontario. 
They were obviously fishermen, entertaining dentist clients at their fishing lodge near Dorset, Ontario, and at some point it was decided to get into the fishing lure business, having the facilities in place to plate the lures with actual gold or silver to get the best possible high reflectivity finish. The company sold the business in 1986, and Williams lures are still be made in Quebec today. The Fort Erie facility shows "Permanently closed" on Google.



Billy Oleary said...

Most interesting.Memories of Western Hardware stores,etc.
Thanks for all you do is well done.

Mister G said...

You're welcome, I was not going to collect fishing lures, but how could I ignore this one, gold plated!