Tuesday, February 14, 2023

1973 Dodge Challenger ad

 First year for the 5 mph bumpers, not so bad... more here.

 Interesting the use of a gouache rendering in 1970s advertising, no surprise the artist is not credited...


rats said...

No surprise that the copywriter isn't credited, either. That drivel outlousies all the contemporaneous advertising lousiness I've read.

In re the (lousy!) illustration: Maybe Dodge didn't quite have a Challenger Rallye together to photograph by deadline time? -- Or I can as easily imagine that the bean counters vanquished the advertising department this time. Or that a photographer was engaged, did their job, threw up their hands, and went out and got drunk because they couldn't make the car look attractive.

Did the model as sold really have four black doodads down the side? Pretty sure I've never seen that particular Chrysler Products eyesore.

Steve said...

In the early 1970's, my father had a friend, Art, who owned a small town car dealership featuring 2 or 3 GM marques. And I remember well my father telling a story about Art when the 1973 models were first released.

Art hired the local TV station to come and film what was to be a TV ad. Art and his father were filmed getting into a new car, and the car was then driven into an obstacle at an about 5mph so that it could shown that no damage would be caused to the car. On the first attempt the obstacle they drove into broke, so it was decided that they would do it again because the obstacle breaking did not make good TV.

So within just minutes, Art and his dad get back into the car, drive into another obstacle. Art's dad then tries to open the car's door. And the car door won't open! After calling GM to find out why there was damage to the car, Art learned that the car's bumper cushions needed time to expand between impacts, LOL.

Anonymous said...

A one time 5mph bumper- who knew? and the GM bumpers were so unattractive too!