Monday, February 20, 2023

USAG 36mm

 I don't run into the USAG line of wrenches very often, this Italian company seems to supply tool kits for all the exotic Italian cars. It's an impressive and good looking chunk of metal.

From the USAG site;  The USAG brand was established in 1926, when entrepreneur Hermann Amos built the first manufacturing plant in Gemonio, Italy under the name Utensileria Società Anonima Gemonio.

The company is still around and the recent history sounds all too familiar. In 1991 USAG became part of the French Group Facom Tools S.A., then of the American Group The Stanley Works and, by March 2010, of the Multi-National Group Stanley Black & Decker Inc.



Dave said...

36 mm seems to be a popular size for these single-end metric service wrenches...I've found a few at garage sales but none in any other size. Somebody told me they're used for motorcycle suspension adjustments, because an adjustable wrench is to thick to fit. That sounds sensible to me.

Anonymous said...

The eBay ads allude to Maseratis etc. I’ve never owned a modern Italian motorcycle, but I can’t think where a bolt or nut that large might be used.