Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Wondertool (TM)

Here's an interesting one. Wondertool (tm) made in England. At one end is a glass cutter, (not numbered) but then there are four functions 1)- knife sharpener, 2)cutting wheels,  3)- fold out utility blade and 4) possibly notches for breaking glass?

 Oddly, the show side with screw heads are on the "Made in England" side, the named side gets the messier nuts. Not much info online, and not even a bottle opener included, what kind of a multitool is this, anyway?

Thanks, Dave!


Dave said...

Here's a picture showing the features; not that I'm endorsing it (it probably cuts glass just fine, assuming the wheel is hardened).


I have one somewhere with a different brand name. I must have kept it fir a reason; I'll try to find it.


is it for stained glass window makers?

Mister G said...

Thanks, Dave, that is an interesting combination of capabilities- right there in one tool you can never find when you need it..
MARSHALL, it would be perfect for a stained glass, it feels like a hobby tool.

Anonymous said...

And mine says Made in England, the online instruction sheet says Taiwan!

Mister G said...

And this one says Made in England, the online instruction sheet says Taiwan!