Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grand Prix 1959 by Louis T Stanley

This is a annual of the 1959 Formula 1 season. Although the book has a bit of BRM slant due to the author being a part of the team, all the races are described and covered down to the lap time charts. The teams, background stories, the "personalities", and the drama are all described and photographed in detail.
Louis Stanley began as a journalist, writing articles for magazines on a wide variety of subjects. In 1955 he married Jean Baber, the sister of industrial magnates Sir Alfred and Ernest Owen of the Rubery Owen company. Stanley became involved in BRM, the Formula 1 team which was owned and financed by the Owens. In his spare time he wrote these Formula F1 "Year in Review" annuals from 1959 through 1969. They pre-dated Autocourse as a hardcover F1 annual by 2 years.
Well worth picking up for the fan of historic Formula 1.



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