Friday, May 31, 2013

The Suffolk Superbe

I can't find anything about this British reel-mower manufacturer which clearly enjoyed using alliteration in its model names.  I've had the Superbe machine for decades, and it still works beautifully.

Years ago I rescued the cast iron wheel from a junked Suffolk Supreme, which I hung on my barn door.


Unknown said...

I have inherited one recently, but the wheels are jammed.
Any ideas how to free them?

The Duke said...

The wheels are attached by cotter pins. If you remove these, it will allow you to oil/grease the bushings or bearings. If unsure of what you're doing, take lots of photos as you disassemble the parts. They'll help you put it back together again later. However, your problem might also be in the gear train that operates the cutters. My first suggestion would be to thoroughly soak everything with penetrating oil, leave it for a few days, and then gently push it back and forth to see if that doesn't free it up. BTW, a 50/50 mixture of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and acetone makes an excellent (and cheap!) penetrating oil.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that.
I have soaked everything (including me) in WD40 and will leave it a day or two


Unknown said...

Did this seem to help? I have one as well. It's only the left wheel that is jammed.

Busy Bea said...

Does anyone know the monetary value?

Mister G said...

In my experience, close to scrap value. Sorry.
Unless you find someone who really, really wants one and you have the only one.