Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dremel Moto-Shop

The Dremel Moto-Shop jig saw first appeared in 1957.

Albert J. Dremel came to the U.S. from Austria in 1906.  In 1932 he founded his company in Racine, Wisconsin.  His first product was an electric razor blade sharpener.  He took out 55 patents over his lifetime, but his most famous remains the rotary Moto-Tool.  This tool has been used in hundreds of creative ways, including use on the creation of the A-bomb.  In 1948, he made headlines by giving his employees a 30 percent year-end profit sharing bonuses. In 1973, Dremel was bought by Emerson Electric.  In 1993, the company was bought by Robert Bosch GmbH which already owned the Bosch®, Skil® and Vermont American® brands.  Today, Dremel remains a division of Bosch. 

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