Thursday, March 29, 2018

ETC Industrial wrench

This is another wrench found at Liberty Tool in Maine. It's another tool name I had never heard of, but it turns out they were made in Japan, imported about 30-40 years ago. A few references online indicate they were a good quality tool.
More recently, there also seems to be a tool company, Extreme Torque Corp. the trademark registered to Hanover tools in 2003, no idea if this the same manufacturer. 

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John Lambie said...

Hi There,

Not sure if its the same company but in 1988 I bought a full set of ETC Industrial tools, tool box and all and still use them to this day, they are great tools and I cannot talk highly enough about them. I have pliers, spanners, open ended spanners, open ended ring spanners adjustable wrenches, sockets in metric and imperial.
I have never broken a single item in all those years.