Thursday, March 29, 2018

ETC Industrial wrench

This is another wrench found at Liberty Tool in Maine. It's another tool name I had never heard of, but it turns out they were made in Japan, imported about 30-40 years ago. A few references online indicate they were a good quality tool.
More recently, there also seems to be a tool company, Extreme Torque Corp. the trademark registered to Hanover tools in 2003, no idea if this the same manufacturer. 


Unknown said...

Hi There,

Not sure if its the same company but in 1988 I bought a full set of ETC Industrial tools, tool box and all and still use them to this day, they are great tools and I cannot talk highly enough about them. I have pliers, spanners, open ended spanners, open ended ring spanners adjustable wrenches, sockets in metric and imperial.
I have never broken a single item in all those years.

Unknown said...

Bought set of etc industrial combinations in af when I was 15. Still using them ,some arthritis like myself!

Unknown said...

Sorry forgot that was 1972