Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tool Museums

I stumbled across the above in a 1987 newsletter I found with some other stuff.  I was excited to discover a local tool museum I had somehow overlooked in my travels.  A google search revealed very little.  I've since had some correspondence with the conservation authority folks who tell me that, unfortunately, the museum was seldom visited and in 2011 the log building was taken apart and moved to the Foley Mountain Conservation Area where it's used as an outside education learning centre. Many of the woodworking tools had been donated by the owners of the Muttarts Building supplies company some decades ago. While some of the tools continue to be displayed at other sites, most have been stored away.

This seems to be the fate of a lot of these tool museums, many of which are privately operated.  (If you google "Tool museum" you'd be surprised at what you turn up.)  The younger generation just isn't interested in these things any more, at least in part because they haven't grown up learning how to use them.  

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