Monday, June 21, 2021

Carden Cyclecar

Sept 88 Classic Motor Cycle

 Wooden body, skinny little wheels, ski-like fenders, a ridiculous horn and only 300 lbs. Are there brakes at all? The 700cc 2 stroke twin would have made this an exciting ride in 1916. John Carden built these cycle cars from 1914 to the early twenties before moving on to small tanks. Patent on the powertrain here (thanks Rolf!)

Note: This post is attempting to balance out the recent car-engines-in-motorcycles series.


pzak said...

I want one! People are making things like this now called cyclekarts. A cross between a go kart and a replica car.Some are really cool and tey race them to boot.

Graham Clayton said...

If you think the Carden is sparting motoring, let me introduce you to the Cambro!

Mister G said...

The Cambro will get its own post :-)