Saturday, August 21, 2021

1991 Suzuki TS200R

I just picked up this little beauty a month ago, hard to believe it's 30 years old. A 200cc liquid cooled two stroke single, 6 speed, fully road legal with about 10 inches of suspension at both ends. It was only imported to Canada for a couple of years, and not to the US at all. I think it was designed to one up the Yamaha DT200, a tough act to follow. It supposedly makes about 35 horsepower and it's happy cruising at 1010-120 kph.
It looks like a motocrosser, sounds like a motocrosser and is as happy in an urban environment as it is on the trails.  My wife describes it as the Ikea bike, but I think Legobike is equally as applicable. 
Members of the general public seem to like it, they point and give the thumbs up. Best reaction comes from middle aged men, who probably grew up with an RM 80 or CR80 and they know that sound! They whirl around to watch it accelerate by. Lots of fun...



luke2236 said...

No fair...we didnt get those in the US - and I want one!
Lovely looking unit - enjoy!


very extra great!