Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Alvis Leonides, 1957

 The nine cylinder radial Leonides was prototyped in 1936, its 718 cu. inches producing 450 hp. Although development work continued slowly during the war, the engine was brought out again, developed to 520 hp and put into production in 1947. Production continued till 1966, the last British production aircraft piston engine.


Tina said...

Shades of "Flight of the Phoenix"! Original Jimmy Stewart/Ernest Borgnine version.

(The updated remake is very good too. Both movies are worth anyone's time.)

Anonymous said...

Alvis? "The" Alvis? Looks like the same logo.

I had no idea they did aero engines. The things you learn on this blog...


Mister G said...

The same Alvis. They were a subcontractor for Rolls Royce engines during WW2. The car company folded in 1967.
Somehow I've not seen either Flight of the Phoenix... thanks for the reminder!