Friday, February 10, 2023

AT8069 wrench

Clearly a very specialized wrench, no name on the tool, but a Google search brings up this page from which identifies it as a wrench for Packard-built Rolls Royce Merlins.


Anonymous said...

The W would be for Whitworth fasteners?

Dave said...

This account says that Packard produced the Whitworth fasteners in-house because they were difficult to source in the US:

Mister G said...

I Wonder what part of the engine the wrench is for. a large head but short handle for a low torque situation. The opening is as it says, 1.860", the designation is 1 1/8 W., so maybe? I'm surprised they used Whitworth at all in America but the link that Dave included explains that aspect. It's a good look at how the American interpretation of a British design worked. Thanks, Dave!