Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bugatti Type 32 "Tank" 1923

 This design was Bugatti's first attempt at an aerodynamic body style and four of these cars were entered in just one race, the 1923 GP of France where three retired, one placed third. The cars handled poorly and so were never entered in other races.
 From today's perspective we see that the shape is basically an airfoil, so would tend to generate lift at speed. The engine is a 2 litre straight 8 and the car is tiny.
This example is one of only two remaining. Pictures taken at Goodwood 2009, where it was raced up the hill with a more enthusiasm than you'd expect, considering it's rarity.

Phillippe Dejean, Carlo-Rembrandt-Ettore-Jean Bugatti, Rizzoli 1982 

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Graham Clayton said...

It is amazing how Bugatti went from building one of the ugliest Grand Prix cars of all-time (Type 32) to one of the most beautiful of all-time (Type 35) in the space of just one year.