Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boring History 2: William Ridgway & Sons, Ltd., Sheffield, England

Last week, I finally managed to find a William Ridgway tool, an auger bit.  I didn't know it was a Ridgway when I bought it, because of all of the surface discolouration, but it cleaned up nicely.

William Ridgway and Sons were founded in 1878, and operated out of their Oscar Works in Sheffield.  Their primary products in the beginning were augers and other wood-boring and mortising tools.  Almost a century later, in 1972, they merged with several other British tool-making companies to form Record-Ridgway.  Ten years later, this company was snapped up by the Swedes, but it wasn't to their taste and returned to British ownership in 1985.  In 1998, the American tool giant Irwin swallowed it up. 

To view their now derelict factory, visit 28 Days Later.

Anyway, the company had a good run, and a terrific trademark!

1945.  Source:  Grace's Guide to British Industry

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