Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vanished Tool Makers: G.M. Co. Manufacturing Inc., Long Island City, New York

Below, a couple of "Unbreakable" brand clamps:

The smaller clamp is stamped "G.M. Co."

Below, a stamped metal square made by the same firm:

This company is not, as you would suspect, General Motors, but a manufacturer that made a variety of tools, as shown in the 1951 Popular Mechanics ad below, and in the pics below it.  That's the extent of the information I can unearth on the company.

The Family Handyman, May 1955
Below, some pictures considerately sent in by a visitor who notes, "these are examples of the small 1/4” square drive socket sets that G.M cranked out by the millions (my best guess based upon how frequently I see them on Ebay.):"  Many thanks for these images!

Note the unusual button for selecting the direction in which the drive turns:

Other offerings pictured on the web:

Update; the "Unbreakable" name also appeared on a multitool made by the company. Thanks Ski!

ebay 353163787069 01

Update Sept/2023
Below an all-purpose saw from the company, showing a different logo; thanks, James! Hope you could find a new blade to keep it useful.


Anonymous said...

Have a 4 piece brass nesting screwdriver set marked G M CO INC

Mister G said...

Send a picture, we'll add it to the post!

Unknown said...

I recently found a 'spray gun' part no 17b manufactured by this company. It's basically a airbrush you run off a spare tire according to the box.

Graham Clayton said...

It seems that the car company wasn't too upset by a tool company sharing their name.

Unknown said...

Just curious I found two saws that look like the frame of a gun just curious about this...Thanks Vicky

knowingdevil said...

I have a GM MFG Co Inc tool that looks like a yankee screwdriver with a suction cup at the end. Have no idea as to what it is.

Mister G said...

Can you send a picture to I'll post it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I have a 8 1/4 in. all steel ballpeen hammer with a loop handle. The handle is stamped G M Co MFG INC.

Anonymous said...

I just picked one of these up in a bulk lot of tools I bought. Pistol-grip all purpose saw. Mine has a (very used) Goodell Pratt keyhole blade in it.