Wednesday, February 5, 2014

View from the Ape-hangers: Yorkville, Ontario, 1967

Robert F. Legge (Editor).  Toronto.  The Toronto Real Estate Board.  Published by E.C. Bradly, 1967.
Photographs by Barry Stewart & Brian Thompson; 
In the Sixties, Yorkville was Toronto's Haight-Ashbury.  The Smith's instruments identify this as a British bike, and you'd think from the high bars and Tomaselli grips that it was a Norton Hi-Rider.  Couldn't be, though, because that model wasn't introduced until 1971.

Updated: From the CVMG Old Fort York group;
 I found what may be the same bike on a website featuring the photographs of Lionel Douglas (1944-1979--he died testing a Kawasaki. . .).

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