Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trans Canada Air Lines


The Citroen Guy said...

How lovely. If I recall correctly, I believe my first-ever flight was on a Viscount, between Ottawa and Montreal in 1968. And that flight was to get me to a transatlantic flight in a mighty VC-10, another "lost bird. Somewhere, I still have the Captain's Wings pin that they gave us kids when they took us for the tour of the flight deck, during the flight. Try that these days!

The Citroen Guy

Mister G said...

We flew to Holland in 1964 on KLM to visit family.I don't recall what plane we were on but I recall while we were there, looking up to see an AirFrance Caravelle. Lovely elegant thing.
BTW yesterday on Lufthansa the cockpit door was open as we were boarding. We looked in, they welcomed us and my kid got to enter, and they took pictures of him wearing the pilot's hat. Lots of fun. Different world once you're out of North America!