Friday, April 17, 2015

Apex mystery tool

A peculiar Apex tool I found recently in Whitby, Ontario:

It's clearly intended to be operated from a 1/2" drive air gun.  The tip consists of a sphere with two rounded slots, and a spring-loaded collar covering the lower half of the sphere.  So, it looks like it was designed to install a fastener with a concave head and two protruding pins.  Since Whitby is close to Ottawa where a GM plant is located, it probably had something to do with car assembly.


Anonymous said...

Does this socket have any kind of part number on it?

The Duke said...

Curiously, except for "FF" stamped after the company name, there's nothing.

Unknown said...

The GM plant was in "Oshawa" which is only a few kilometers from Whitby as opposed to "Ottawa" being a few hundred kilometers.

The Duke said...

Oops! Slip of the typing finger! Thanks for noticing this.