Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We used to build things in this country #190 Canadian Blower & Forge

Bearing the name of an industrial salvage company, these two good solid drill presses mounted on on a giant cast iron table obviously came out of a manufacturing facility somewhere in Ontario. They now sit, largely unused in another small Toronto manufacturer.
 Other than the showy cast-in Canadian logo they had no manufacturer's identification on them. A quick google search led me to the Vintage Machinery site and the subject of the Canadian Blower & Forge company of Kitchener Ont. 
According to the site, the Canadian subsidiary of the Buffalo Forge  Co. of Buffalo, New York was founded in 1903 in Montreal but moved to Kitchener in 1914 where they acquired the assets of Canadian Buffalo Forge, changed their name to Canadian Blower and Forge and started producing drill presses. The Canadian drill presses apparently are identical to the ones made by the American company and manuals are still available. 

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