Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unusual tools: Couplox socket wrench

This is a handy wrench incorporating two socket sizes.  The only weakness is that the handle clearly had a tendency to spring out of the holes in the socket, which was corrected by means of the cross-bar welded in place by some previous owner.  It's handy to keep beside my Bridgeport mill, because it fits the nuts on the step-block hold downs.

I thought at first that "Couplox" might be a tool company or brand name.  It turns out that Couplox was a brand of Ward Manufacturing, which was founded by Joseph Ward in Blossburg Pennsylvania in 1924. Initially, the company manufactured cast iron steam and drainage fittings, but it quickly added malleable iron fittings to its product line and by 1958 was able to build a highly automated foundry. Around 20 years ago, Ward purchased Couplox, which made grooved-end fittings and my wrench was made for the company to use on these fittings.  Couplox has since been retired as a brand.

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