Monday, April 27, 2015

Spartan Air Service Mosquitos

A snapshop found by a friend when he was sorting through the family photos. No other information accompanied it.

Spartan Air services was founded in 1946 in Ottawa to conduct aerial photography and surveying around the world, primarily for the mining and petroleum industries who were then looking for new vistas. Their fleet consisted of Ansons, Venturas, a Lancaster, P-38 Lightnings, Mosquitos, Cansos, DC-3s, Bell 47s and Vertols as well as other smaller aircraft.  Their five Mossies were acquired in 1955, after they had been modified for their new role by Derby Aviation in England.  They continued in operation into the mid-1960's.  Spartan Aero was taken over by Kenting Aviation of Toronto in early 1973.

A google search for "Spartan Air Services Mosquitos" yields lots of interesting sites, including a book project on the company from which I was able to glean most of the information above.

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