Monday, April 6, 2015

Locomotive John Bull

Originally named Stevens, the John Bull was built in England by Robert Stephenson as an 0-4-0. It was delivered to Philadelphia where it was assembled by Perth and Amboy mechanic Issac Dripps, who would later design a bizarre 6-2-0 for the railroad. 
It was first used on September 15 1931 by the Perth and Amboy railroad. Somewhere along the way it acquired a two wheel pilot truck, and different iterations of tender and cab. The Perth and Amboy used it for 33 years before being retiring it and putting it in storage.
It was put on display at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876, the Railway Exhibition in Chicago in 1883 and ran from Philadelphia to the Chicago Columbian Exhibition in 1893 pulling two period passenger coaches.
 The Smithsonian bought it in 1884 and almost a hundred years later fired it up again for its 150th birthday. Today it is on display in Washington DC along with a model of its original appearance.
Above picture Louis T. Henderson; Trains, A Children  's Picture Book; M.A. Donahue & Co.1935

Later appearance with uptdated cab and tender.

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