Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vanished tool brands: Samson socket chisel (Union Hardware, Torrington, Connecticut)

Above, a "Samson" (presumably named for the biblical strong man) wood chisel, reportedly made by Witherby for this firm. Mister G has previously posted a photo of his Union hacksaw frame and a link to information on the company's history.  They stopped making tools in 1946 to concentrate on sporting goods.

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Andrew K. Fairbank said...

This socket chisel is like a knife, I can hardly imagine how people work with it.

Unknown said...

Like a knife?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. My grandfather had a set of Samson chisels (my dad has them now) that made some mighty fine signs all around Gogebic County Michigan. My dad’s friend worked with me to sharpen some and fit the receiver on a birds eye maple shotgun stock he helped me make in high school. There is probably 100 years worth of life left in these things and they can hold a point that can shave the hair off your arm.