Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Exploded B.M.C. "Mini" engine

Robert Ireson.  The Penguin Car Handbook, Revised Edition.  Penguin Books, 1967.

Hooke joints, more commonly known over here as universal joints, were first investigated systematically by Robert Hooke beginning in 1667, and given the name "universal joint" by him in a treatise he published in 1676.  That far back!  It's also known as a U-joint, Cardan joint or Spicer joint.  The Wikipedia entry is quite fascinating, albeit (at least to me) equally abstruse. 

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From: Department Of Nit Picking, Southern Ontario Division

Re: 'Exploded' B.M.C. "Mini" Engine

It's a cutaway drawing, not an exploded drawing.