Saturday, September 16, 2017

Smiths Interval Timer

I rescued this device many years ago when a children's centre in Kingston was being closed down.  If I hadn't taken pity on it, it was headed for the dumpster.

As can be seen from the clock face, it was made by English Clock Systems, which was a branch of the  Clock and Watch Division of Smiths Industries Ltd.  Anyone who has owned a British motorcycle or car will recognize the Smiths name.  Founded in 1851, Smiths sold off the Clock and Watch Division in 1980, closing their last clock factory in 1983 and selling off their motor accessories business to Lucas.  They went on to buy Lear Siegler and to concentrate on the aircraft industry.  With a host of acquisitions, they became the Smiths Group in 2000.  The aerospace division was divested in 2007 and the company is doing very well today.

To see a short video history of the firm, visit the company website.

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jberryman said...

How does this work exactly? I understand it can measure up to two hours, but is it possible to get a seconds hand (say when timing under 10 min)? What do the levers along the side do?

I'm considering buying a similar timer for darkroom work.