Wednesday, October 7, 2020

1976 GT250

In the mid nineties an acquaintance acquired the contents of a motorcycle dealership that had been closed for years. One of the prizes was this 1976 GT250, never been started, only a few 10th of a mile on the speedometer and complete but for one exhaust baffle.

 So what do you do with a brand new 20 year old, not very desirable motorcycle?

 It was sold to someone just starting out who rode the wheels off it. Wonder what happened to it.


Graham Clayton said...

The 1976 GT250 did not use the Ram Air cylinder head - new cylinder finning was supposed to make up for its benefits.

Mister G said...

I always wondered if that ram air head was actually effective. But at that time Yamaha was honing the RD line into pocket rocket staus. Suzuki put longer slides in the carbs so they couldn't actually be opened fully and therefore ran quieter. Just wrong....