Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Cromna self-adjusting wrenches

 This is a set of good, heavy, well made adjustable wrenches, made under the name Chromna, each specified in a range of metric sizes. Beautiful things, there doesn't seem to be much information that I can find online, other than the fact they are made in Denmark and licensed to manufacturers in several countries.  Patent 69670 is part of the forged-in text on the handle.


Dave said...

According to this book, that's a complete set of Cromna tools right there.

Mister G said...

Thnaks! I've been meaning to buy that book.

Dave said...

The dovetailed lower jaw is pretty impressive, but I bet expensive to produce. I wonder how long they lasted in hard use?

It's funny the things that toolmakers of that era did to get around other maker's patents.

Stephan said...

Hi there from Switzerland, I have two of these wrenches in original cardboard packaging, both unused (!) and in really good shape. With a little polishing, you get them out as new. Mine are marked "Suisse pat" on the arm and the cardboard is printed in German, French and Italian, so rather sure they were made here, our company used to buy the best tools by principle.
One is S3 (7/16 - 5/8"), the other S4 (5/8 - 1").

>> I will put them on sale here. Wordwide shipping possible with full cost participation.

Happy working to all ! Stephan

Anonymous said...

Hi Stefan,
Do you still have them?

Stephan said...

I'm still following the post, and the wrenches are still next to me. Didn't think of publishing them somewhere else yet. Let me know if you wish to pursue. Which country would they go to ?.. Regards, Stephan