Friday, October 9, 2020

Retirement ceremony

 The photo shows a retirement ceremony at Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921. The superintendent, John Sykes looks on as Samuel Vauclin hands over a gold watch, a box of roses and purse of gold to William Magee, the erecting shop foreman, who is retiring after 60 years of service at the plant. George Johnson, retired delivery engineer smiles at the crowd of onlookers. Sykes and Johnson had also started out on the factory floor, Respectively, they had forty two and sixty seven years of service. 

A different time. How many people these days work with the same company for their whole life and how many people actually get to the retirement ceremony? 


VectorWarbirds said...

My guess would be none:(

justin said...

nowdays, close to zero.

my uncle started with Western Electric in the late 40s after WW-II, in the mailroom, went to night school, got his degree, and when AT&T took over, he worked for them until he retired in the late 80s.

i know a few people that work for govt agencies most of their entire career,
One of my other uncles was a game warden for 35 years.

Mister G said...

And I keep meeting guys who get laid off in their early fifties. Get rid of them before we have pay a pension. These days experience is not valued.