Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lee Valley Tools, 1979

Canadian Workshop, March 1979
Humble beginnings.  The company was founded by Leonard Lee the year before. They continue to make high quality tools under their Veritas brand name, and to sell many other excellent tools through their catalogue and retail outlets. Time was, their stores were like a hushed cathedral, catering to older men who clearly appreciated fine tools.  However,  in my opinion, they now seem to have become more of a high-end yuppie bazaar, carrying a lot of bizarre, unnecessary products to market to folks who apparently already have too much of everything.


Anonymous said...

Such may simply be Lee Valley's response to the imperatives of business and commerce; sell stuff -- anything -- for more than you bought it for. Grow or die; all other considerations be damned.

Mister G said...

The catalogs were always beautiful, much nicer than the stores. they seem to have modelled theirs after the catalog of US company Garrett Wade.