Monday, March 14, 2016

Norman Isherwood & Co. radiators, England

The Book of Bolton.  Compiled, edited and published by Ed. J. Burrow & Co. Ltd., Cheltenham and London, 1961.

Maker of radiators for a whole host of mostly vanished British-made trucks.

The "Withnell radiator tube" (also known as a "Joule tube") has replaceable cooling tubes seated in rubber grommets between the upper and lower coolant tanks to better withstand vibration and pounding, especially in heavy off-road equipment.

Six years after this ad was posted, Norman Isherwood & Co. at Bolton & Shipley and Marston Excelsior Ltd. at Leeds  were combined into one company, Marston Radiators Ltd.  by Imperial Metal Industries Limited.  In 1989, the company became DENSO Marston Limited when it was purchased by that Japanese company to make and supply car radiators for the new Toyota factory in Burniston, Derbyshire . In 2007, it left the car market to focus on cooling systems for non-automotive applications.  It is the only company outside of Japan to be awarded the prestigious "Mother Company" status.  The company's website states:
In line with DENSO’s vision of steadily reducing environmental impact in global production, DENSO Marston has been a zero waste to landfill site since 2009.  Our grounds are also home to the DENSO Marston Nature Reserve, helping to offset carbon emissions whilst also giving something back to the local community.
Impressive!  You don't see many North American companies behaving like this.


Unknown said...

Norman Isherwood was my grandfather and it is interesting to read this. I didn't realise part of the company still exists in another guise.

Clampet said...

I worked at Norman Isherwood in 1971 and at Marston Radiators through to 1977
I was in the foundry for 6 months during my industrial spell from university, then I used to visit customers with Gerry Forsyth from the drawing office. I had a crush on Gwendolyn and went on a New Year holiday to Scotland together.
A wonderful place to work, great people, lovely culture.

Clampet said...

Or was it Gwyneth not Gwendolyn? Time blurs even the most fabulous memories
Stan was the works engineer, fabulous sense of humour
And Dr Trevor Lamb, the Chief Exec, what a visionary