Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Dial M for Murdoch"

Laughton & Sons Ltd. Birmingham
From 1966, when rotary dials were "sophisticated" and you could also purchase "mechanical calendars." 

The "Stratton" name dates back to 1850 and by the 1920's the company was producing a curious range of products:  knitting needles, men's jewelry and radio receivers.  (Under they "Eddystone" name, Stratton is reputed to have been one of the first firms involved with the fledgling British Broadcasting Corporation.)  In World War I, the company produced parts for the famous SE5 fighter aircraft.  During World War II, several of the firm's factories were bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1940, resulting in 500 foot flames!  The company retooled for the war effort, using machinery designed to make lipstick containers to produce shell cases instead. A company merger ultimately brought a change of name in 1958 to "Laughton & Sons."  Efforts are now apparently afoot to reintroduce the "Stratton" name as a high-end brand.