Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remembering Ted

Ted Whitney was an institution for gearheads in Kingston back in the day.  He helped found the Canadian Motorcycle Association in 1946 and, along with his wife Beryl, published the Association's newsletter for several years.  He was one of the few members of the Austin Healey club who had owned his 1955 convertible from new.  ("I almost bought my second MG but instead opted for the Austin Healey 100, because it goes like stink!")  He had a passion for Zundapp and Greeves motorcycles, and managed a 1960's entry in the International Six Days Trial. These pics are from an article in Fifty-Five Plus (October/November 1988) when Ted was 73.  Quotes from the article:  "All the retired persons I know are running ragged, there's too much to do."  "I found out retiring is like repairing a bike.  Get the tools you need, devise an action plan and then do it."   He passed away some years ago, and took with him the snarl of the Healey and the ring-ding of the Zundapps. He is missed.