Saturday, February 11, 2012

Midget Motorcycle Works of Venice CA

From Motorcyclist, January 1979.  John Gallagher's art was also featured in the May 1976 issue of Cycle World.  Most of the bike models are about a foot or two long, and all are made primarily from found bits and pieces, often stuff he picks up off of the street.  The articles reported that he put about 300 hours of work into each bike.  Interestingly, although he had a number of successful exhibits in the 70's, I can find nary a trace of his work on the 'Net.  In the Motorcyclist interview, Gallagher (pictured below) was quoted as saying:  "Motorcycles are the greatest creations on the face of the earth--man-made creations.  Cars have got too much junk; all this stuff stuck on there.  It's OK, I guess, but on a're out there by yourself in the's...I don't's what they do to you; they make you happy."  Amen to that!