Sunday, March 23, 2014

Italian M13/40

Base Borden Military Museum

On display at the Camp Borden Military Museum, according to the sign, the last remaining Fiat M13/40 tank, one of about three thousand that Italy made during WW2.
 Outclassed in battle, most were destroyed in service but a few survived into the postwar period.

Both pics; Lt Col. Robert J. Icks, Tanks and Armoured Vehicles.  Phillip Andrews Pub. 1945


The Duke said...

Fix It Again Tony!

Graham Clayton said...

The Australian 6th Division captured a few of these tanks intact during the attack on Bardia in the Western Desert in early January 1941, and took them into service - painting several kangaroos on each tank so that they wouldn't be the victims of "friendly fire".

Mister G said...

I guess they were better than nothing!