Sunday, March 9, 2014

Locomotive brought to you by Imax

The Expo Celebration.  The Official Retrospective Book. The 1986 World Exposition, 
Vancouver, May 2-October 13, 1986.  Photo by Brian Stablyk.


Anonymous said...

The Stolen Moment:
This shot has a little story to it; its a fisheye photograph taken in a surround IMAX movie theatre. I was about mid-way up in the audience in the centre isle when I took the shot, hand held at about 1/8 of second to maybe even 1 second. The trick here is that they were not letting anyone with a camera into the theatre. I first went there saying I was working for the Expo book and they said camera's were not allowed and they would not let me in. Another time I didn't say anything, got in; but got kicked out when they spotted me with the camera. I had a season's pass so I could go to any attraction as often as I wanted so I could try as often as I wished. Being determined I snuck the camera in and having seen the show a few times I remembered when the image on the screen was stable enough as well as interesting enough to shoot. I only got a few chances during a complete short show, This would involve bringing out the camera from under my jacket or sweater, uncapping the lens, holding the camera close in front of me and pulling my elbows back so they themselves would not get in the picture, I would hold my breath, frame the shot and squeeze the shutter. Then I quickly had to hide the camera until the next attempt. I think I sat through two or three shows to get just a few chances. This was the most successful image. I used a Minolta XK camera with the 16mm Minolta Fisheye lens. It was either Kodak Ektachrome 100 ASA film used with the built in 80B filter in the 16mm lens or, and I do think it is this one, Kodak EPY 50 ASA Tungsten with no filter. To gain some film speed we(I mean the photo lab) would extend the development time or "PUSH" the film 1 or 2 stops(doubling or more the speed setting for the film) and I believe I was pushing 1 stop around that time. Since I am not likely to get any re-numeration for the use of this image in this context it is truly a "Stolen Moment" of a "Stolen Moment".
Brian Stablyk

The Duke said...

Thank you Brian for your most gentle rebuke and your very interesting comment.

We don't monetize the blog, so we can't renumerate you financially. However, we'd be happy to post a link to your website if you would send us this information.

You see, there is honour among thieves!