Sunday, January 7, 2018

"Novice Nicodemus" and Safe Motorcycle Riding

Back in the mid-1980's, I was an instructor for the Canada Safety Council's motorcycle riding program in Kingston.  That's where Mister G and I originally met.  Anyway, as is my wont, I kept motorcycle safety related stuff in a file folder in the shop, and only rediscovered this recently.  Among its contents (most of which were useful only for paper recycling) was this delightful "Accidental Verses" pamphlet published by the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.  I can't find an online reference to it anywhere else.  So, below some examples. Wep Dawson's 1947 advice (and Alex Oxley's cartoons) are still valid today.  (Oxley also made humourous cartoon-style "It's Easy on a Triumph" ads for that company-search Google Images.) I've uploaded the entire "Accidental Verses" document here.

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