Friday, January 19, 2018


I picked up this old aluminum badge somewhere, a little the worse for wear but cool enough to stick up over a door in the shop.

It turns out that this company basically pioneered and developed the idea of truck trailers.  Starting out in the mid-1800's, Daniel Sechler eventually founded Sechler & Company in Cincinatti, eventually become the world's largest producer of all types of horse-drawn vehicles.  Around 1910, John Endebrock took on the challenge of developing a new way to hook trailers to trucks, coming up with the name "Trailmobile" in 1915, since the unit would "trail" an automobile.  The name was chosen for the company.  Endebrock designed many of the components, such as the fifth wheel, still used today.  Pullman acquired the assets of the Trailmobile Company in 1951.  It was resurrected for a while in Canada, but is no longer an operating company:  Trailmobile.

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