Wednesday, December 11, 2019

County Commericial Car conversions

Roadless County & Other Conversions, Allan T.Condie Publications, Nuneaton
There were several companies in the mid-century UK building specialty conversions to farm tractors. County Commercial Cars started in 1929, building a 6 wheel chassis for a Ford Truck.
 After WW2 they branched out into tracked conversions for the Fordson Major. This led to the rubber tire "Fourdrive" 4WD skidsteer. The company survived into the eighties when it was sold to the Benson Group who closed it down in 1990.  Apparently the company built about 35,000 tractors over the years with 75% being exported.
The one below is billed as an Export to the US model but they must be rare, in my travels I've not seen anything like this over here.

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