Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Morris motorcycle

Before going into the automobile business William Morris had tried motorcycle manufacturing. He showed 2 of his self-designed and built machines at a Motor Show in 1902 but it took a couple of years to get into production. However the venture was not as successful as he would have liked and he sold the rights in 1908. He continued with a dealership selling different makes of motorcycles and cars until he went into car manufacturing (successfully) in 1912.


pzak said...

One of my pet peeves,they spelled dual as duel in the first ad.I am always amazed by the poor proofreading in the ad industry. That and spelling axle as axel which I see all the time, but not here at least.

Mister G said...

I noticed that! Note that the other ads are corrected. I think it was all quick and dirty, I was surprised on the second ad how bad the layout was, text and photo don't line up, they're all crooked.
But the spelling was generally better than you you see today!