Monday, December 30, 2019

Roadless Traction airport tug

Roadless County & Other Conversions, Allan T.Condie Publications, Nuneaton
Here's a tracked conversion of a Fordson tractor built by the Roadless Traction company, posing for the camera. 
Roadless was started after WW1 by Colonel Philip Johnson who had worked on tanks and tracked vehicles during the war. Till the company went broke in 1983, the company built tracked vehicles,  half tracks and later 4WD conversions from production tractors, mostly Fords and Fordsons.  Another post here.

The aircraft is a Handley Page H.P.24 operated by Imperial Airways. Four were built, and a further four of the shorter-range H.P.45 variant. They first flew in 1930 and were in passenger service till the remaining seven became part of the RAF at the beginning of the war. During 1940 all were lost to accidents in various locations, three of them to galeforce winds while the aircraft were on the ground! Previous post here.

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