Monday, December 30, 2019

T. Cooke Lathe

Incredibly beautiful machine.  These pictures were sent to me by a reader who describes himself as, "having been the custodian of this very fine 1800's lathe by Thomas Cooke of York.  This company were primarily scientific instrument makers but they made their own machine tools as well.  Apparently they were available to those that had sufficient funds and it wasn't unusual at that time for those with money to spare to have a machine or two to indulge their spare time in such pastimes as ornamental turning.   The company ended up becoming part of Cooke, Troughton and Sims who were famous for their theodolites which brings us back more towards your Canadian connections.  These instruments I am sure would have been used in the surveying of the Trans Canadian railway amongst other civil engineering projects."

Double Eccentric



  Index Head

Planer Slide


VectorWarbirds said...

Beautiful! Looks to me like watchmaker was involved in making the more delicate parts on this lathe. The brass dividing head has a different makers name on it. Would be interesting to see the chuck or collet system.

Mister G said...

pure art.

Graham Clayton said...

Almost too beautiful to be used.

Graysailor said...

Wow - this is a gorgeous instrument. Too bad it's so large - or I'd try to buy the thing. I might even try to remove the 1909 Old Town canvas and wood canoe I have in the attic so I'd have a good place to display it. But that was my grandfathers. Tough.